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I have had success using SetSystemFileCacheSize to tame R2 memory management. -Copy & to C :\Windows\System32\. -Create simple batch file to execute flush & -Create a Task to run the. 21 Jul SetSystemFileCacheSize is a small software application whose purpose is to help you set the limits of the file system cache permanently. SetSystemFileCacheSize off ), disable the minimum and maximum size (‘SetSystemFileCacheSize off off’), and flush the file cache. This is a utility for bit WIndows machines (Vista, 7 and 8) that solves a problem with Windows becoming extremely slow and unresponsive while running certain, generally I/O intensive jobs (i.e. pyramiding very large rasters). Find the link for the file at the bottom of the page at.

In contrast to SysInternals CacheSet SetSystemFileCacheSize sets a real permanent limit for the file cache's working set size and I think this is useful to prevent application's Just in case the VB6 runtimes are missing put the msvbvmdll in the same folder a the exe or into the Windows or Windows\ System32 folder. 5 Jan There is a tool called which can be used to permanently set the upper usage limit of the file system cache. You can read up on the tool here. Instructions. Before executing anything open the task manager on the Perfomance tab and monitor the Physical Memory Usage graph. You can set the cache to a certain limit with an API as others have already posted , but you can find applications to directly use it, such as SetSystemFileCacheSize. exe or NT Cache Setter. The downside is that you need to set the cache after every reboot. You can also flush the whole cache in one go with.

8 Disable minimum size and set the maximum size to MB: off Disable minimum and maximum size: off off. Flush the file cache: flush. Note: The tool must be started with. I've always wanted to use However, the English instructions are a bit hard to read. I think the author's native language is German. Can anyone give a example command-line for this tool on a 64bit system with 8GBs of RAM that starts to slow down only hours of use after. 16 Jun C:\MetafileKiller\ flush C:\MetafileKiller\ Done! You now have your memory back. However, your server will keep on eating memory on regular basis. Thus, you may create a scheduled task on your server to run above two commands say every 10 hours.


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