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27 percent of American men have listened to a podcast in the past month, compared to 21 percent of women. The average number of shows listened to per week is five (same as ). Note that 21 percent of weekly podcast listeners (approximately nine million Americans) listen to six or more shows every week. Updated stats: Edison Research Infinite Dial released March 8th, Q1 report from Nielsen came out March 20, Total number of podcasts on iTunes updated February If you're looking for podcast stats & analytics for your podcast, check out Blubrry Statistics here. Podcast Listener Stats - Demographics - Where, What, When, How. The Industry Standard For Podcast Audience Measurement. Advertisers and publishers need accurate audience data to make good decisions about content and advertising. But with various methods for counting audiences — with often inaccurate stats from hosting providers or others with less sophisticated analysis — how  Publisher Login - Industry Rankings - Measurement - Demographics.

U.S. Podcasting Industry - Statistics & Facts. On-the-go listening remains the most popular way of enjoying podcasts. In , 65 percent of podcast listeners used a smartphone, tablet, or portable audio player to listen to a podcast, in comparison to 33 percent who tuned in via a computer. Professional Podcast Statistics. Blubrry brings you the most all-inclusive podcast media statistics available. Gain unsurpassed insights into your audience: what device or platform they are listening on, when they are listening, find out who is linking to you, detailed listener demographics and geographical data with worldwide. 14 Dec Podcast creators — and advertisers — know very little about podcast consumption. That's going to change.

Podcast Statistics Trends. See exactly how your podcast is performing. Podbean's analysis tools give you an in-depth picture of your audience, episodes and trends. You can review your data and download the information for further analysis. All Podbean unlimited hosting plans come with these enhanced podcast statistics. 25 Apr Podcasts are the most of-the-moment medium. Shows like S-Town and Finding Richard Simmons are ubiquitous water-cooler conversation topics. More people are listening than ever: 24% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month, and 40% have ever listened to one, according to new. Lecture videos for Dr. Jerz's undergraduate Business Statistics course. Note: This podcast is "refreshed" each semester, meaning that I remove most episodes except the introductory episodes.I am not sure when, or if this course will be offered in the future, so its podcasts are uncertain right : I do try to improve the.


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