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UNDOCUMENTED Windows 9x Setup Switches. Not all these Setup command- line switches work with all releases of Win9x. /D Bypasses usage of installed Windows configuration (ignores settings in existing , etc). / domain:DomainName Automatic notification to NT domain. Win98 asks for network. 28 Jan C:\WIN98" and press enter (this copies the Installation files to your Hard Drive) 7. Now type "C:\WIN98" (You are changing to the WIN98 folder on the Hard Drive) 8 .And finally type "Setup" (Windows 98 will start installing) the Windows 98 CD-ROM. Now press Enter to continue, or F3 to exit. To start this Windows install. First check that the first boot device in your system BIOS is set to the CD-ROM Drive. The Microsoft Windows 98 CD-ROM Startup Menu, select option 2 either using the arrow keys or by just pressing the number 2 on the keyboard, press enter.

Win98 Ethernet Configuration. This document describes how to set up an ethernet connection for Windows 98, in particular for the Vaios. It is not yet clear how it might interact with setting up ethernet or dial-in networking either at home or in your on-campus apartment, or how it will interact with WaveLAN cards. If you decide. Windows 98 was a closed source 16 bit/32bit hybrid operating system released 15th May It preceded Windows 95 but was succeeded by Windows ME. Upgrades were available with the release of Windows 98 Second Edition ( released 5th May ) and Windows 98 Plus. Support ended for Windows 98 11th July. Win98 Installation Drive Formating. With the Fdisk procedure completed, restart you computer with the Windows 98 Startup disk in the floppy disk drive and proceed to format the partitions you've created with a file system, using the Format tool as follows: When the Windows 98 Startup menu is displayed, choose the Start.

12 Apr Win98 Installation. After you've partitioned and formatted your hard disk, you're ready to reinstall Windows Insert the Windows 98 Startup disk in the floppy disk drive, and then restart your computer. When the Windows 98 Startup menu is displayed, choose the Start computer with CD-ROM support. 19 Mar There are two ways to install Windows 98 on your hard disk: Copy all of the files from the win98 directory on the Windows 98 CD to a directory on your hard disk and install from your hard disk. Install directly from the CD. Although, I understand Microsoft frowns on the procedure, I prefer the first method for. Just wanted to share my experience in creating a Win98SE CD that does a complete installation of Win98SE with minimal user interaction. The following steps describe how to create the installation scripts to install Win98SE with pretty much all components installed. This should be easily adaptable for.


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