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Jenkins Job Builder takes simple descriptions of Jenkins jobs in YAML or JSON format and uses them to configure Jenkins. You can keep your job descriptions in human readable text format in a version control system to make changes and auditing easier. It also has a flexible template system, so creating many similarly . publishers: allure: results-paths: path: 'build/allure-results1' - path: 'build/allure- results2' properties: key: ' n' value: '{}' jdk: . Definitions¶. Jenkins Job Builder understands a few basic object types which are described in the next sections.

Builders define actions that the Jenkins job should execute. Examples include shell scripts or maven targets. The builders attribute in the Job definition accepts a. Example: triggers: build-result: combine: true cron: '* * * * *' groups: jobs: foo - example results: unstable - jobs: foo2 results: not-built - aborted. The Pipeline Project module handles creating Jenkins Pipeline projects ( formerly known as the Workflow projects ). You may specify pipeline in the project -type.

JJB provides a convenient test command to allow you to validate the XML before you attempt to upload it to Jenkins. Test a YAML job definition: jenkins-jobs test. 31 Jan Jenkins Job builder (abbreviated JJB) is a python script to maintain and simplify configuration of Jenkins jobs. Jenkins internally stores configuration of jobs in an XML format. JJB instead maintains jobs as simple descriptions in YAML format, which are then expanded to XML and uploaded to Jenkins. 3 Jan After Nick Silkey mentioned about the Jenkins Job builder on the Chef-Openstack Foodfight show, or the jjb for short, I started to look around for a how-to on starting from scratch. The typical documentation is out there, but nothing to say, “Hey I want to use the jjb and Jenkins and I have neither.” This how-to.


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