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Network on chip ppt

Networks-on-Chip. Seminar contents. The Premises. Homogenous and Heterogeneous Systems-on-Chip and their interconnection networks. The Network-on-Chip approach. Slide from S. Tota and M. R. Casu [1]. The premises. The System-on-Chip (SoC) today. Heterogeneous ~10 IP's; Homogeneous (MP- SoC) ~ 10 uP. Networks-on-Chip (NoCs). Lukasz Szafaryn. 15 FEB Motivation. Bus has been the most popular interconnect for multiprocessor systems; When scaling feature sizes and frequency, wire delays remain larger than clock cycle. Need for interconnect with deterministic delays and scalability. When expanding to a many . 1 Evgeny Bolotin – ClubNet Nov Network on Chip (NoC). Evgeny Bolotin. Supervisors: Israel Cidon, Ran Ginosar and Avinoam Kolodny. ClubNet - November EE Department, Technion, Israel. 2 Evgeny Bolotin – ClubNet Nov Outline. Motivation – SoC Communication. Current Solutions. NoC Concept.

23 Mar NoC buffered flow control; Routing algorithms; Application specialization. Using Virtex 4 configuration network as a high-speed MetaWire data network. What is MetaWire and why use it? Architecture of MetaWire; MetaWire performance. Implementation And Application Exploration For Network on Chip. Networks on Chip: a very quick introduction! Jeremy Chan. 11 May Overview of Talk. Introduction. SoC Design Trends (communication centric design). Communication Centric Design. Application Modeling; Energy Modeling; NoC Optimization. Conclusions. SoC Design Trends. Focus on communication- centric. Network-on-Chip. (1/2). Ben Abdallah Abderazek. The University of Aizu. E-mail: [email protected] 1. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, March Part 1. Application requirements NoC: A paradigm shift in VLSI Design Critical problems addressed by NoC. Traffic abstractions. Data abstraction. Network.

NETWORK-ON-CHIP (NOC): A New SoC Paradigm. Dr. Konstantinos Tatas. PRESENTATION OUTLINE. Introduction; Part A. Motivation – SoC Communication; Current Solutions; NoC Concept. Part B. [email protected] Summary. THE MANY CORES ERA. Source: International Roadmap for Semiconductors edition. The consistent theme in the literature is to design on-chip network for the application the chip is utilized for, but there is a growing integration of various application cores within a single chip. Hence the need for the network to be flexible and robust so that it can support diverse types and volume of traffic generated by different. Improve the programmability of the mMips network; Create and test a multi processor application. Verify HW and SW correctness. Context: Courses for twaio's; Network-on-Chip flagship. Overview. Current software tools. The C compiler (lcc); C communications library; The simulator (SystemC); Simple C debugging library.


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